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Leaving Las Vegas

I’ve been off the radar lately, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy! A lot has happened in the last month or so, so let’s get up to speed. Home Sweet Home The first item of note is that I am now back in Texas doing my own thing. I actually have been […]

My Dispute with QuadJacks

Several weeks ago I filed eight DMCA takedown notices against QuadJacks videos containing my work. Three of the videos were direct copies from my channel that were simply reuploaded. The other videos contained work I had done while affiliated with QuadJacks. All eight videos have been removed by YouTube. There has been some speculation about […]

Sirius Business – Pilot Episode

This is the pilot episode of Sirius Business, essentially a test broadcast make sure I can run things smoothly without setting my house on fire. I recap the psuedo-feud between myself and Matt Marafioti. I catch up with my old friend Guillermo and discuss various topics such as football and the sad news of Marco’s […]