Does HP spy on users on their laptops? The company speaks

A couple days ago, some data surfaced saying that HP spied on what their users did through a preinstalled software (bloatware) on their laptops. This supposed spyware has created turmoil and because of this, HP has had to speak out. The concrete service is HP Touchpoint Analytics Service and many users were reporting that it used too much resources and that it was also getting data from the computer without the users allowing it.

HP Touchpoint Analytics Service: a simple, very limited, diagnostic tool

HP has made some declarations to Laptop Magazine in regard to these accusations in which they said that they take their users privacy very seriously. This service, according to them, is not new and has been installing since 2014 on HP’s laptops as part of HP Support Assistant. Laptop Magazine even analyzed in detail the data that it was collecting and didn’t find anything suspicious.

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This software collects data about the computer’s hardware anonymously. Also, data is not shared if the user doesn’t allow it, so they can uninstall the service manually at any time. The data collected is locally stored on the computer’s hard disk or SSD and are sent to HP if any error or failure occurs in the system. In case one of these errors happen, a message appears in which the user decides whether or not to send the data to the company.

The application can be uninstalled

The HP Touchpoint Analytics Client appears on the Apps & Characteristics part of the operative system and can be uninstalled like any other. With this kind of measure, the company has data to see if these kind of errors also happen in similar laptops, so they can launch a patch or driver that fixes this issues.

In order to avoid the presence of this programs on the computer, we recommend that you do a clean update of Windows 10 on your computer. Drivers are also available on the manufacturer’s website (which are needed less and less) and you will avoid the execution of additional programs that you won’t probably need.

Although, luckily, this has been just a scare, it is good that there are users paying attention out there at what companies are doing with their devices. Hence, they keep users informed and products safe, fixing errors quickly.

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