March 2018 security patches for Android are available

Keeping up with every month’s tradition, a couple hours ago Google made public their new security patches for Android, the most used mobile operative system in the world. This patches fix all the new vulnerabilities that were detected during the last month in order to make the operative system safer and allow users to use it without being exposed. Unluckily, only a couple fortunate people will be able to install these patches.

These new March 2018 Android security patches solve a total of 37 vulnerabilities, many of them critical and the rest of them highly dangerous, mostly on Linux, such as the multimedia framework, the Kernes and privative codes from NVIDIA and Qualcomm’s chips.

Almost every month Google fixes security failures very similar to the ones we mentioned. This time, the most dangerous one is on Android’s multimedia framework and can enable and attacker to execute a code remotely in the device’s memory with the maximum level of privilege (root) using and executable file especially designed for this. This affects any smartphone, tablet or device, from any manufacturer or Android version.

Many privilege elevation vulnerabilities were also fixed that were being used by some tools to get root permits on the device, although it is still possible to do this in any device without any restricition.

Android’s new security patches are already available but only for Pixel and Nexus with support

As we said, this new security update is already available and users will receive it as an OTA directly on their device. But only Pixel, Nexus 6P and nexus 5X devices will be the ones receiving this update right now.

Some of Andorid’s high range users will be able to receive these patches in the next weeks being the ones with acceptable support. Even though Google makes manufacturers give 2 years of support to updates, they do not honor this clause and Google doesn’t care so most Android users will be defenseless against these vulnerabilities and all the ones from previous months in which they also haven’t received updates, being exposed to all kinds of attacks.

It is always good advice to install these security updates as soon as they are available, but if our manufacturer doesn’t provide support, we can install a customized rom with LineageOS that gets in a couple days, every month, Android’s new security patches.

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