Return to Las Vegas and the Lost Videos

I’m back in Las Vegas, and I’ll be here for the duration of the World Series of Poker. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing any WSOP events, but I still expect to have a great Summer.

I’ve been very pleased by the reception to my latest video ‘WSOP – I CAN’T WAIT TO GO!‘. It got a lot of action on, was covered by various blogs, was warmly received on 2+2, and even got an approving tweet from the WSOP itself.

Today, however, I must address other videos of mine, as I’ve been receiving a ton of inquiries.

The Lost Videos

Over the last several months, many of my songs and videos have disappeared for various reasons. Some of the videos I removed myself due to a misunderstanding of YouTube’s guidelines and a long-term plan of mine to get accepted into the YouTube Partner program. Several videos were removed from QuadJacks’ YouTube channel at my insistence. Some of the lost content will be restored. Some will not. The status and future of these songs are as follows:

  • Simakos Series – I removed these myself due to the Partner plan. I still have the original files, and plan to restore the videos. However, those files are on my hard drive at home and I am currently in Las Vegas, so it will be at least a few months before the videos become available again.
  • BBV Tales Series – Same deal as Simakos.
  • Tony G is Qualified – This was a casualty of the QuadJacks dispute. I can’t restore the video because Zac assisted in its creation. However, they have no rightful claim to any of the music, so I may restore this song with a black screen.
  • Fuck You – Similar to Qualified. Marco did the video, music is all me. May be reupped with black screen in the near future.
  • We Didn’t Get You Fired – Same deal as Fuck You.
  • Fun Police – This was removed during the QuadJacks dispute, but has since been mostly restored on my channel.
  • What’s My [Screen] Name? – This was removed during the QJs dispute, but has since been fully restored on my channel.
  • Willy Wonka You Get Nothing Remix – This was removed during the QJs dispute, but has since been fully restored on my channel.
  • Dice Dice Baby – This song is unique in the fact that I did not write 100% of it myself. Same goes with the video. It will not be restored.
  • I’m Not Afraid – I no longer have access to this song, so it probably won’t be restored. Frankly, I don’t really care as I believe it is easily the worst song I have ever produced.
  • Lose Yourself (Forgot About Me) – I no longer have access to this song. In contrast to Not Afraid, this is extremely disappointing to me, as I believe it to be one of the better songs I’ve ever produced. It’s probably still sitting on one of the QuadJacks machines, but we’re not exactly on the friendliest terms. This song was made available on the album that QuadJacks sold for a brief period of time, so it is probably out in the world somewhere. If anyone has a copy of this track, please contact me.
  • The Joe Sebok Show Series – I removed these from my channel out of respect for Joe Sebok. I hear some of you saying “Joe Sebok doesn’t deserve any respect”. Fair argument, but the fact remains that these videos weren’t really humorous and were just spiteful and mean. That’s not really my style. The song Sunday, which is humorous and pokes fun at Sebok, is still available.
  • QuadJacks Song (Wonthem) – I still have a copy of this, but have no desire to restore it.
  • DonkDown Song – I still have a copy of this, and may restore it.
  • I Got 11 Gold Bracelets (But a Mix Ain’t One) – Technically, this isn’t a full song. A teaser was released, with a partial chorus. It was just a concept, and a bad one in my opinion. I never really wanted to complete it, and thankfully I no longer have any incentive to do so.
I think that’s everything. If I’ve forgotten something, please contact me and let me know.

Back in Vegas

On a more pleasant note, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the next 2 months. I’ve already had some fun adventures in my short stay, and will hopefully have many more. For example, I participated in a demo run of the “Final Table Experience” yesterday. It’s basically a simulation of playing at a televised final table. Lights, cameras, announcers, everything! It’s really neat, and I believe it will be available to the general public fairly soon.

If you’re in town as well and want to hang out some time, hit me up!

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